Booking Terms & Conditions


  1. I have lawful authority to enrol my child/ren in the Kids Biz OSHC or Kids Biz Holidays & Sports service (the Service) and any information I provide will be true and correct.

  2. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide current details to the Service and will promptly update any changes (i.e. contact details, medical information, family circumstances).

  3. I have notified the people nominated on this form as emergency contacts and/or authorised contacts that their details have been passed on to the Service and advised that they may be asked for photo ID when they collect my child.

  4. I understand information provided on my child’s enrolment form may be disclosed to relevant agencies as required by legislation including the Department of Human Services and Department of Education for purposes including the payment of the Child Care Subsidy.

  5. I authorise the Service to take and use photographs and short videos of participants taken at the program for display within the program.

  6. I understand that the people listed as the primary and secondary guardian on my child’s enrolment form are authorised to discuss and manage the account and add/change bookings.


  1. I acknowledge that my child will not attend the Service if suffering from an infectious or communicable disease and will be subject to the appropriate mandatory exclusion period as identified by the Department of Health.

  2. I authorise staff to provide first aid in the event of accident or illness and where required obtain all necessary medical assistance and treatment for my child. I agree to meet any expenses associated with treatment.

  3. I authorise staff to apply sunscreen to my child unless I have advised in writing that I will provide my own sunscreen.

  4. If my child has a medical condition, dietary requirement or any additional needs I will provide an action plan (if one is in place) or supporting written information prior to the commencement of care. I will supply all items that may be required for treatment of my child’s condition to the Service (i.e. Ventolin, spacer, Epipen, antihistamine etc.) The Service is unable to access documentation and medication held by a school or other organisation.

  5. In the event that my child is injured, becomes ill or is involved in a serious incident while at the Service, either I or an authorised person (listed on this form) will collect my child as soon as possible.

  6. I understand that my child must be fully immunised or have a medical exemption in order to attend the Service.


  1. I understand that if my child continuously demonstrates inappropriate behaviour, after behavioural management policies and procedures have been followed, I will be notified and my child may be suspended for a period to be determined or excluded permanently from the Service.

  2. I acknowledge that if my child is subject to exclusion, the Service may disclose my child's name and the reasons for the exclusion to persons in control of the school that the service operates from.


  1. I give permission for my child to participate in activities organised for the days my child will be attending, including child appropriate G & PG rated material.

  2. Except as otherwise expressly required by law, the Service does not accept any liability for personal injury, property damage or loss sustained by any participant as a result of his or her participation at the Service due to any cause whatsoever unless caused by the proven negligence of the Service, its directors or employees.

  3. I give permission for my child to leave the premises to participate in activities and excursions as indicated in the Program.

Vacation Care

  1. I agree to keep my account up to date and meet ALL costs incurred for my enrolments in the Service. 

  2. I agree to pay for all of the days my child is successfully enrolled in (and not cancelled within the relevant time frame), regardless of whether my child actually attends.

  3. I understand a late pick up charge of $2.00 per minute, per account, applies after the Service finishing time.

  4. I accept that if payments are not received on the due date a $30 late payment fee will be applied for each fortnight payment is late. I also understand that if my fees not paid on time that my child may be excluded from the Service and third party debt recovery action will be taken in accordance with our debt recovery policy. I will be responsible for all debt recovery fees associated with my account.

  5. I understand activities and transport are subject to cancellation or alteration in the event of unsuitable weather conditions or other factors which may arise that are beyond the Services control.

  6. I understand my child may not be able to attend, or continue to attend, until my account payments have been made in full or a payment arrangement has been agreed to.

  7. I understand that cancellation requests must be lodged via the My Family Lounge website, My Family Lounge app, or in writing via email.

  8. I understand that cancellations can only be made if more than 7 days notice is provided and will incur a $10 administration fee per child - if this booking is made within 7 days of the attendance no cancellation is possible.

  9. All vacation care bookings are casual bookings. 7 days’ notice is required to advise an absence for vacation care or the full fee is payable.

  10. Children with additional needs must be booked into vacation care more than 4 weeks in advance (unless a lessor time frame is agreed to by the Service) to ensure special arrangements and additional staffing needs can be met.

  11. I understand I must confirm my child’s enrolment with the Service through MyGov in order to receive Child Care Subsidy payments. If I do not confirm the enrolment I will be required to pay full fees. I will complete this task each school holidays.

  12. I understand that government fee reductions cannot be claimed prior to my child’s first physical attendance at the Service or following their last physical attendance at the Service in accordance with guidelines set out by the Department of Education. If my child is absent on their first or last days of care I will be required to pay full fees.



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