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Bookings for the Winter School Holidays
will open in  Week 7, Term 2!


Unlike many holiday programs, Kids Biz offers excursions and major activities everyday! What's more, as they're all included in the daily fee, there are no hidden charges.

Excursions and afternoon activities may vary between the three Kids Biz locations, please check the excursion schedules below for the program your child will be attending.

Click here for Excursion Schedules:

Winter Activity Schedule

All incursions / major activities take place in the afternoon, usually between 1:00pm and 4:30pm. Please be aware the times advised are subject to change. Please take note of the return time when signing in.


Transport: Kids Biz Holidays uses CDC Canberra Buslines to provide private transfers to and from all excursions.

All major activities and excursions have been selected in conjunction with parents and carers as the most suitable and enjoyable for children to attend. Should you like to suggest an excursion or provide further comment, please send us an email. We truly value your input!

Note: All excursions and return times are subject to change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. Kids Biz will endeavour to arrange a suitable alternate activity on the day.

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