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Accreditation & History

Kids Biz is a small family owned business, operating since 2002, with the goal to develop an active, affordable, high quality and inclusive child care service for children of all backgrounds. Kids Biz has established a trusted reputation within the community and an impeccable record with both ACT and Federal government regulators. The programming approach places great value on encouraging contributions and guidance from families and the local community that we work in partnership with, to achieve the best outcomes for children.

Our Philosophy 

Kids Biz will provide a safe, secure, stimulating and enjoyable environment with an atmosphere that promotes the development of happy and healthy children. At all times we will provide positive reinforcement and guidance to children in our care, whilst encouraging them to accept and value others for who they are. Through collaboration with families, schools and the broader community we will develop strong partnerships focused on shared goals and consider the needs of children, families and the school community in creating the best environment for childhood development. By fostering children's initiative, communication, confidence and self-esteem we will provide equal opportunity that empowers children to be active and learn and develop at their own pace in a stimulating, well-balanced and play-based setting.

Education & Care Services National Law Act 2010

ACT legislation adopting the Vic law

Education & Care Services National Regulations

Business Name Registration

ACT Childcare Provider Licence

My Time, Our Place Framework for School Aged Care in Australia

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