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We are excited to advise that Kids Biz use the my FAMILY Lounge booking system. Once you have registered below we will set up your online account.

New Family Bookings

From your online account will be able to:

  • Complete an Enrolment Form - providing details and authorisations for each child

  • Make Vacation Care Bookings - instantly view availability and secure dates 

  • Edit Your Details - name, address, contact numbers etc.

  • Add or Edit Other Contacts - name, address etc.

  • Add or Edit Child Information - update medical information,  provide CRNs, edit collection authorisations, update enrolment forms.

If you are having difficulty with the instructions for enrolling or if you have any queries please contact us at: admin@kidsbizoshc.com.au or call us 0439 927 053.

I already have a my FAMILY Lounge account:

You cannot create two my family lounge accounts with the same email address so if you already have an account you can link this to Kids Biz by signing in through our website. This will automatically link your account to our service but it will not bring any details across so you will need to complete your primary contact details and an enrolment form for each child. The instructions for setting up your Kids Biz my family lounge account with an existing my family lounge account are available here.

Please click  here to sign-in to your existing my family lounge account

Register for a My Family Lounge Account



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